Home Theater Installation

Ready to feel good in your home theater?

Why waste money on a movie ticket when you can enjoy the high quality sound and experience at your home? A lot of people have made the decision to bring the theater experience to the comfort of their homes and have never looked back. Are you ready to jump into the modern age and experience the joy of your own home theater system?

Our technicians are here to help you get set up in a jiffy. We love getting everything set up and clean and letting you enjoy your new home theater experience.

We can put together a top notch home theater system for you and figure out all the technical nuisances so you don’t have to worry about a thing. There are so many different types of technologies nowadays it’s hard for consumers to make the best decision for their needs and limitations of their home. So we are here to help. 


Additional Services

shelve installation in tampa fl

Floating Shelves Installation

Have a shelf or two that need to be mounted as well? We will be more than happy to assist with your project. Floating shelve installs are very common when mounting a TV. Our technicians are used to installing these and are ready to help give your home entertainment center that clean perfect look, just the way you want.

Nest Thermostat

Ask us how a Nest Thermostat can save you up to 15% every month! This thermostat can also be linked to your smartphone device so you can manage your home’s temperature from anywhere in the world. Nowadays there seems to be a mobile app for everything, but when you can tie these apps into your financial budget is when you really see the power of that smartphone in your pocket!

IKEA Furniture Assembly

Is your new furniture still sitting in a box? Let one of our technicians tackle your project today! Our technicians are very handy and can tackle most of your home projects. Feel free to call and ask for assistance with other handyman household projects.

Great price on TV mounting. Overall great experience. I will definitely call them for my future projects."
Bob M. (Tampa, Fl)
"Ken was great! He explained everything and left it nice and clean after they completed TV mounting. Thank you!"
Jemmiah C. (Tampa, Fl)
"Friendlly, great price and quick. What more can I say. Quality TV installation."
Neill O. (Tampa, Fl)
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